Advance your Meditation





Advance your Meditation is a donation based series that provides excellent opportunity to learn tips and tricks to stabilize and progress in meditation practice. We are excited to collaborate with Universal Peace Foundation, India and invite senior Wisdom teachers to share their several years of yogic higher wisdom with all the participants. Modern technology has enabled us to receive this ancient Yogic technology staying 8,000 miles away on the other side of the globe from the comfort of our home.


What to expect

✔ Explore and learn more about Kundalini yoga and chakras

✔ Yogic techniques to deepen meditation

✔ Relax deeply to slow down and harmonize your body, mind and soul

✔ Introspection (examining your thoughts and emotional processes) for harmony and peace


Session 2

4 classes in total, bi-weekly touch-base

Class 1: Saturday, Aug 1st, 8 AM Pacific time

Class 2: Saturday, Aug 15th, 8 AM Pacific time

Class 3: Saturday, Aug 29th, 8 AM Pacific time

Class 4: Saturday, Sep 12th, 8 AM Pacific time

Session 1 (complete)

July 4th, July 11th, July 18th, July 25th, every saturday,  8 AM Pacific time






Completed either Jeeva Raksha or Deeksha or Maha Shakthi Yogam


General Instructions

1. Download the Zoom app from the App store or Android store on your preferred device like Phone, tablet or laptop.
2. Use a device with a big screen like Laptop or Airplay to TV for better engagement with the teacher.
3. Choose a private room in your house to stay focused and connected.
4. MUTE your microphone as soon as you join, you are welcome to unmute and ask questions.
5. Turning ON video is MANDATORY so the teacher gets to check and provide personal attention
6. Wear comfortable clothes, preferably sweatshirts & pants that enable your body to move freely
7. Carry all the required items like yoga mat, nose tissues & water bottle to your practice area. Avoid going out of the practice area.
8. It is fine to have a morning drink like milk/ coffee at least 30 mins before the session.


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