Inner Journey Meditation Retreat

With GuruMahan

Inner Journey Meditation Retreat

- With GuruMahan


Guided by "Ambassador for Peace" His Holiness Jagatguru Mahamaharishi Paranjothiyar Founder and President, Universal Peace Foundation



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The Inner Journey Meditation Retreat offers a transformative experience, enabling individuals to embark on a profound journey of self-exploration.

Experienced participants have the opportunity to learn new meditation techniques, deepen their practice, and connect with a supportive community. Guided by GuruMahan, participants will be able to address burning questions about life’s purpose and meditation in a safe environment.

The combination of gentle stretching, breathwork, sound therapy, guided relaxation, and deep meditation, will lead to awakened energy, calm mind, and allow access to profound self-reflection and personal growth. The Inner Journey Meditation Retreat is designed to help participants delve within, connect with their true potential, and cultivate peace, clarity, and self-awareness in a nurturing and safe environment.


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Retreat Location

Jikoji Zen Center rests within the redwoods, at 2350 feet elevation in the Santa Cruz Mountains (map, directions) just about 9 miles from Saratoga downtown. It is one of our favorite places to return to again and again for retreats! During free times, enjoy a hike in the enchanted forest or watch the sunset by the ridge. The main campus lodging provides clean, comfortable shared guest accommodations.

The overnight retreat will take place at the Jikoji Zen Center, amongst the redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains in Los Gatos, California, USA. The location provides a serene environment that facilitates reconnection with nature and higher consciousness as well as a respite from the fast-paced lifestyle and technology-intensive world.

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* $500 can be claimed as a tax-deductible contribution
* Maximize your giving by submitting your donation receipt for an employer matching gift. Utilize the employer matching gift search tool to check eligibility
* You may be eligible for a special discount to avail at checkout: $75 OFF for Veterans, students, Seniors  (RETREAT75); $75 OFF when you bring a friend or family member (FFMEMBER75); $100 OFF for individuals undergoing hardships (HARDSHIP100); $125 OFF for core volunteer members (COREVOL125)

Program Schedule

Day 3 : 01 Oct 2023
Title Time Content
Pidari Meditation
Early Morning Meditation followed by Yoga & Sun gazing
Morning Session
Course Certificate distribution, Photo Session & experience sharing
1:1 Gurumahan blessings & checkout
Day 2 : 30 Sep 2023
Title Time Content
Ajna & Sahasrahara Meditation
Early Morning Meditation followed by Yoga & Sun gazing
Morning Session
13:30 – 16:00
Yogic Relaxation
Evening Session I
Evening Session II
Yoga Nidra
Day 1 : 29 Sep 2023
Title Time Content
Mooladara & Ajna Meditation
9 am Check-in - mediation will start promptly at 9:30 am
Introduction & Morning session
13:30 – 16:00
Yogic Relaxation
Check in to your accommodation
Evening Session I
Evening Session II
Yoga Nidra


Course structure
What's the course structure for the advanced course?

  • 4 stages of concentration (Mooladara, Forehead eye , Crown Chakra, Backbrain meditation)
  • Cleansing of our subconscious mind
  • Self analysis

As a first time participant what can I expect from the advanced course ?

  • Self discovery means a lot of transformation and changes to the mindset and values we hold.

How to prepare myself for the Advanced course ?

  • Observe the Crown chakra Atma Vibration very well have good rest and focus more on yourself
  • Follow a vegetarian diet at least one week prior to the course (?)

What will be the challenges during the advanced course ?

  • Changing of bio-rhythm to waking at 4 – 4:30 in morning

What is the language in which the advanced course is given ?

  • Mostly in English from Gurumahan and if concepts are difficult it will be translated into English by wisdom teacher
  • Language will be transcended during the practices

How much of the time for ourselves do we have ?

  • Afternoon (are the afternoons free?) and evening (depending upon chemistry of the group) 

Are all the sessions given by Gurumahan ?

  • Most of the sessions are given directly by Gurumahan with support of GnanaAsiriyar (wisdom teacher)
  • The evening breathing sessions and possibly morning session may be given by Wisdom Teacher

Why is it that Gurumahan alone gives the advanced course and not other trainers ?

Dimension of the practice is possible only for a master like Guru to give

Is it a serious course or do we also have fun activities ?

  • We are going to have serious fun there will be both calmness sessions and also dynamic sessions
  • Reserved for experience

Can everyone participate in this course , what are the qualifications for the course ?

  • The participant must have attended completed the Vitality Yoga & Inner awakening (Third-eye & Crown chakra activation) from a UPF wisdom teacher

I am a Yoga teacher. How much credit do I get from the course ?

  • 25 Hours as this is a intense course

I am already a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher from another institute, can I attend ?

  • No. UPF’s system of initiation differs from other schools and the the formal initiation from a UPF certified wisdom teacher brings  the energy bond with the Guru 

Should silence be adhered to in advanced courses or can we speak with each other ?

  • Most of the prana (vital life energy) is lost through speech. Silence preserves Prana and takes person deeper
  • Silence is not mandatory discussing or listening to co-practitioners also help the meditation practices
  • Practitioners are advised to hold/ practice a Silence from time to time
  • Group interactions are also encouraged and many ideas and projects can spring up between different people
  • Social integration and exchange is also one of the goals of organizing this Residential course.

Do we need to bring our own yoga mats and meditation pillows ?

  • Jikoji center provide cushions and backrest to seat during the course 
  • We recommend you to bring your own Yoga mats for doing Surya Namaskar
  • We recommend you carry thick blankets/ sleeping bags for overnight Yoga Nidra sessions. Temperature can vary during the summer months from cold to hot, dress in layers

Do we need to bring our own water bottles, pens, or notebooks?

  • Yes bring your own notebooks, diaries, water bottles
  • You will be asked to fill out feedback forms

Do we get a certificate for the Advanced course ?

  • Yes, there will be a certificate of completion from Universal Peace Foundation of North America – signed by Gurumahan

Should we diet during the advanced course?

  • Not needed but food needs to be taken in the right quantity neither too much nor too less.
  • Have enough food that just satisfies your hunger, avoid over eating to maintain a light stomach.

Are there any dietary restrictions during the course?

Only vegetarian food will be served.

Dress code
What's the dress code for the Advanced course?

  • White in classes, rooms of personal choice and outside recommended White but still your choice

Why is white dress code compulsory for residential Gurumahan's Advanced course?

  • White represent’s calmness, also has all colors integrated in itself and also Light within
  • Its pleasing for the eyes and brings down sense attraction which is one important step of Yoga (Pratyahara)

Is white dress compulsory at all times of the day or only during mornings?

  • All times whenever there are sessions

What's the time structure of the advanced course?

  • Early to bed and Early from Bed
  • Yogic Relaxation in afternoon after food from 3 pm

How does the advanced course help my daily life or self development?

  • In 3 days without any other major responsibilities of daily life, we get a chance to deepen our meditation and very different universal seeds are received in the presence of a Guru
  • These experiences and energies then manifest individual energies at different times and aids self growth